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Southern Hospitality: The Importance of Thank-You Notes

Southern Mamas will all agree on the importance of thank-you notes. My mother probably values only our “yes ma’am no ma’am-s” over thank-you notes. Growing up, my younger brother and I would essentially be on house arrest until our required thank-you notes went in the mail. Despite complaining bitterly when I was younger, I now appreciate the importance of a thank-you note. As my mom used to say, “If someone took the time to give you a gift, you can take the time to write them a thank-you note.” As much as it would pain my younger self to admit, she’s right! Thank you notes are a requirement.

If you’re wondering when it’s appropriate to write a thank-you note, my personal guideline is if you have to ask, you should. What I basically mean is that it’s better to be overly thankful than come across as rude. Some situations are pretty obvious when a note is appropriate, such as receiving a gift or being hosted on a trip, but some situations are less clear. I personally don’t think a thank-you note is necessary for receiving a birthday card (although it’s always nice to call and thank the sender). I also don’t send a thank-you note for receiving a hostess gift, as the gift-giver is thanking YOU for hosting them. If someone hosts you for a smaller dinner party or brings you a meal, it’s polite to send a thank-you note. A great reference if you’re unsure is Emily Post's etiquette books.

Emily Post’s Everyday Etiquette: How to Handle the Top Manners Dilemmas


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