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Easter Lunch

Growing up in the South, Easter is a big deal. Every year, my mom would let me buy a new dress to wear (it was usually very pastel and very frilly). I would be so excited to show off my new dress come Sunday morning. I loved the bright colors, the flowers, and the seersucker suits. Oh, and did I mention the Cadbury mini eggs?

Now that I’m older (and wear significantly less frills), my love of Easter remains strong. One of the best parts of celebrating Easter? The food! Today, I’m sharing a menu and table setting to help you prepare for this colorful and happy holiday.

Chicken salad is a staple in our house. We frequently get a rotisserie chicken for dinner and my mom turns the leftovers into chicken salad. She doesn’t have a recipe, just plays around with it until she gets the consistency right. My mom kindly provided the quantities she used, but this recipe can be adjusted depending on personal preference and the amount of chicken you start with.

Cook's Note: this recipe can be made the day before but may require additional mayonnaise before serving.

If you’re from the south, you may not be familiar with popovers. They are delicious and easier to make than biscuits. The key to making the perfect popover is using the right pan. I had a hard time tracking one down in biscuit-loving Atlanta, but finally found a set at Richard’s Variety Store on Peachtree Street. I was able to find the same pans on Amazon. I used Ina Garten’s recipe, which makes 12, so I would recommend buying two pans (or you could just halve the recipe, but who doesn't want double the popovers?).

Deviled eggs are one of my favorite snacks. My family has them on pretty much every holiday. When I was younger, my job would be to help my grandmother, Annette, fill the deviled eggs at Thanksgiving. They're delicious any time but especially on Easter.

Atlanta Hot Tip: if you don’t feel like piping filling into eggs, the OK Cafe in Buckhead has the most amazing deviled eggs available from the Takeaway. For you poor souls who don’t have access to this gem (and I feel for you, I really do), deviled eggs can be found in the Publix deli section.

Lemon bars were the first Ina Garten recipe I tried. They turned out perfectly and started my obsession with The Barefoot Contessa. These are so straightforward and always a crowd-pleaser. They have a buttery shortbread crust that's filled with creamy lemon curd. I would highly recommend.

To add some color, we included Ina's Cape Cod chopped salad. This salad is chock-full of delicious toppings, including bacon and apples, making it far from basic.


Get the Look:

I based this entire tablescape around the adorable blue and white check napkins I found at Target. I added in some blue and white gift tags from Dogwood Hill and some blue candles, keeping the tablecloth and china simple and neutral. Keeping with the Easter theme, I tossed some Cadbury mini eggs into my mom’s darling crystal basket and added some daffodils for a pop of color, which I found at Whole Foods.


Thanks for Reading!

- Sam


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