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Happy St. Patrick's Day

It’s crazy to think that a year ago my friends and I were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Athens, GA. A week later, we were all quarantining at home. This St. Patrick’s Day is going to look a little different, as we don’t feel comfortable going out just yet.

This St. Patrick’s Day, my family decided to celebrate with a simple and delicious meal. I’m not the biggest fan of traditional corned beef and cabbage, so instead opted for foods that give a subtle nod to Ireland. Hearty stewed lentils and tomatoes are nicely accompanied by a warm slice of Guinness brown bread slathered in Kerrygold butter (how Irish is that?). For dessert, I served Baileys Irish Cream milkshakes.

For the milkshakes, I just threw some ice cream, chocolate sauce, and Baileys Irish Cream into a blender. This recipe is foolproof. Play around with the ratios to make it to your taste.

Cook's Note: you can leave the Baileys out for the under 21-ers.

Alternate: leave out the chocolate and add green food coloring for a whimsical shamrock shake.


Get the Look:

For decorations, keep it really simple. We jazzed up our everyday white china with some green cocktail napkins and green straws. Gina Langford’s art print featuring an Irish blessing is a nice touch to the holiday without being tacky.

Irish Blessing Art Print: Dogwood Hill


Thanks for reading!

- Sam


Mar 28, 2021

Sam, loving your blog! Cleverly written with great details. I found green lentils (Not French) at TJ’s. Definitely making Ina’s stewed lentils and tomatoes.

Mar 29, 2021
Replying to

It's delicious. I think you'll really like it. Thank you for reading!!

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